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Sage CMS includes the following modules in this browser-based suite of software: lead and project tracking, estimating, vendor bid management, contract administration, procurement, time tracking, correspondence, documentation and scheduling.

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Business Development, Lead Tracking, Contact Management, Estimating, Bid Packages / Bid Analysis, Job Cost Control, Contracts & Changes, Procurement, Time & Expense, Budget Tracking, Scheduling, Work Orders, Document Management, Quality Control, Collaboration, FTP Online File Sharing, Service Work, as well as:

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Apple | Android


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  • Sage CMS is an ERP system that allows you to automate and efficiently manage all facets of your construction business.
  • CRM, Lead and Business Development, Estimating, Invitation to Bid, Bid Packages, Bid Analysis, Customer Proposals, Project Prime Contracts, Procurement including POs and Sub Contracts, Time and Expense, customer Prime Invoice Billing.
  • Costs and revenue directly integrated to your accounting software.
  • Plus integrated scheduling, project documentation and correspondence, integrated project email and TeamLink Collaboration Portal.


  • Create multiple estimates, import from Excel, pull costs from local database and RS MEANS, Work Breakdown Structure 4 levels, Request for Information, Bid Packages, Request for Price, Bid Analysis, Internal and External Reports, Scope of Work, Inclusions, Exclusions and Clarifications, Checklists, Drawings, Specifications, Markups, Proposals, etc.

Job Cost Control and Budget Tracking

  • Project Costing, Contract(s), Job Cost Codes, M.L.E.S.O. Cost Budgets, Revenue Budgets, Labour & Equipment hour budgets, PO’s, Sub Contracts and more.
  • Contracts and Changes – CCO’s, RFQ, Markups, Proposals, Change Orders, new SCO and PO’s, Revised Cost and Revenue Budgets, Invoicing client and more.
  • Procurement – Purchase Orders, Bills, Sub Contracts, Sub Contract Change Orders, Sub Invoices, Anticipated Costs, Request for Price/Quote.
  • Time and Expense – Timesheets, Expense sheets, Equipment timecards, etc.

Project Management and Collaboration

  • Documentation – Checklists, Daily Logs, Meeting, Owner Items, Permits, Punchlist, Safety, Test and Inspections
  • Correspondence – Comply Notices, Issue Management, Journals/Daytimer, Message Log, Inbound Email, RFI, Submittals, Transmittals, Work Orders
  • Scheduling – Calendar, Scheduling and Tasks, To Do Lists, Gantt Charts and more
  • Online Document Management
  • Team Collaboration – includes external team logins
  • External logins for customers to view schedule of values, original estimate / budget, changes, revised estimate / budget, billings/ invoices, balance to finish, photo’s, documents, correspondence, schedules and much more.
  • External logins for trades to view sub contracts, PO’s, changes, revised sub contracts, invoices, schedules, request for quote, documents, correspondence, photo’s, upcoming work and much more.
  • External logins for architects and consultants.
  • Cost – free – Teamlink Portal compliments Sage CMS’ built in email collaboration.


  • Central place to track Financials from “Big Picture” summary to drill down detailed transactions with changes

Contact Management

  • Designed for the construction industry: company name, contact name(s), title, telephone, mobile, fax and email address, type of work classifications, cost code, insurance and license expiries, dunning letters etc.

Business Development and Lead Tracking

  • CRM system to track all contacts, correspondence and estimates


  • Mobile app included for Apple and Google Android

Field User – Optional

  • Staff time card, equipment time card, expenses, daily log, schedule

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Sage CMS provides solutions for estimating, contract and change management, job costing, scheduling and project management for your construction business.

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